Wednesday, 19 September 2012

School Trip

Shorts - River Island, Top - Topshop, Jacket -

Hi, so this is my first outfit post, basically i love everything about fashion and am really passionate about my new baby aka blog...

Today i went back to my old school and sixth form to pick up my art and textile A Level projects from last year. The dreaded question "So what are you going to do this year?" was forced upon me by every passing teacher... not a good time but hay hoe it was nice to return, its strange how nothing changes at all and it was like i have never been away, although i don't plan on going back anytime soon...the worse question was "So when do you start uni?" which was awkward when my reply was "hmmm...never...or maybe next year...we will see" hehe. 

I have gone for casual but vintage style, the shorts i got in the River Island sale a while back (i love a good bargain! u will notice) the top was from Topshop, really strange because me and my friend Amy happened to wear the exact same top on the exact same day to the exact same place...what are the odds. My scarf, i claimed from my Grandmothers wardrobe so i will call vintage as she is not young. i am in love with this military jacket! i got it while in Camden at a vintage shop called Rokit! OMG i was in heaven but had to control myself considering i am unemployed and no longer a student :( 


  1. Wow! Your hair amazing, and you are really so naturally beautiful. I love the background of your blog, and your style is so unique too! I am definitely following your blog :) x

    1. aww thank you doll! just starting up but really into it! i love tie dye and make and sell them :3 if you could help spread the word i would really appreciate it ;) x

  2. Great outfit and amazing hair ;)

  3. I love your hair and your eyes!!
    you look amazing! :)

  4. ooh you look so cool, i love your hair.
    and the background of your blog is so cool x