Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Silver Wedding

 . This explains the Vizor Clang . 
 . The Rents . 

 . We are very bizarre people. 

. Dress - Miss Selfridge .
. Blazer - Dorothy Perkins . 
. Fur Jacket - Vintage . 

So last week i was in London for my Auntie and Uncles 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary, i was going to wear this fur jacket that i got from my Great Auntie which she got from a friend, it is pretty old to say the least but thought it wasn't socially acceptable to wear. It was Faux fur for anybody thinking of throwing red paint on me. 
Silver isn't normally a colour that i would ever choose to wear therefore i had a mental breakdown trying to find something to wear with it, but if in doubt...go for beige! thats my motto!
i got the dress from Miss Selfridge in the SALE, was originally £35 but cut to £15! Yeah buddy! love a good sale!
it was so comfortable and i love the texture and lightness of the dress, i wore it on a night out on Durham last week and it was just so comfortable! I also wore my trusty blazer that i have had for years and wear with literally everything! 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Freshers Flu & Brighton Beach

So i now have 'freshers flu'... i am not a fresher but have got it from living with that just flu??? or is it an honorary freshers flu???


Considering i feel like i am doing nothing right now, i seem to be somewhere different every week....well that is exactly what i am doing, Last week London, this week Brighton. Im not a great festival go-er but on saturday went to Shake Down Festival when in Brighton, i was staying with my friend who has just started uni, i was living the freshers life, without being a 'fresher' don't know if that was a positive or a negative... negative being i don't go to uni...positive being i don't go to uni...or have £50k to pay back. I loved it in a house full of girlies...only negative being that it was 5 girls, 1 bathroom compared to at home in which the ratio is 4 bathrooms, 4 people...
Anyway enough of the lavatory talk, YES! I love Brighton! The festival was really good, saw Stooshe, Katy B, Professor Green and Dizzy Rascal. I love how people dress at festivals although if i got a penny for every military jacket or OBEY hat or T-shirt i saw, i would be able to pay for uni in no time! 
I'm not saying i didn't wear mine though...
I also went to the Brighton Lanes where there was some lush little stores including some fab vintage shops and other 'alternative fashion' shops, i was in my element! but restrained myself to only buying one 'hideous jumper' and some other ransom things including an awesome mug with a moustache on! 
I was also a total tourist and visited the pier, arcade and beach! I'm not afraid to admit it and got some nice snaps :3 

Life Lesson this Week - Don't wear trainers to a festival...defo not white Vans -.- 

Monday, 1 October 2012

Blue Peace

.Shirt, Skirt, Necklace - Topshop.
.Jumper - Urban Outfitters.
.Scarf - Vintage. 

.Hay Dolls.
Been a while since my last post...sorry about that, while visiting London with my laptop I failed to remember that they are not immortal and do dye if not charged. Sadly my charger was 260 miles away.
You will be happy to know that I am no further ahead with my life but will hopefully figure it out soon. In the mean time, this is the outfit i wore to travel it, you know what they say "Travel in Style", very comfortable I must add which was a necessity considering we were driving for 6 hours. 

It looks kind of like i am obsessed with Topshop...i just like there clothes...too much...this outfit just happened to involve a large amount from there :s my bad.
I have a thing for 'Hideous' knitwear and when i saw this jumper in the vintage section of Urban Outfitters just had to buy it! Could probably have bought the same style thing from a charity shop a couple doors down but saw this and fell in love. :3