Tuesday, 20 November 2012


. Nail Polish - Models Own .
. Nail Art Transfer Stickers - eBay . 

In the spirit of Movember, rather than attempting to grow a moustache i thought i would do my nails 3:
So i did this by painting my nails white using Models Own White nail polish, i then used a pearly pink nail art pen to create the stripes...well not a 'pen' but the one with a thin brush. pretty easy with a long, thin brush. 
I then used a simple transfer to create the Moustache, really quick and easy to use! all you do is cut the right size out, use a sponge to wet it and then put it on the nail and hold on for 20 seconds and then take the paper off! 

. And Bob's your uncle! .

Basically the same thing as the fake tattoo's you would get as a child of random things like spiderman. 
Bet i looked totally lush as an 8 year old child with a Tasmanian devil cartoon ski whiff on my arm for 3 weeks at a time...

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