Saturday, 3 November 2012


. Wet Hair . In a Rush . Not a Care .

 . Topshop Sale - Headband, Ring . 
 . Lipstick - Mac - Angel . 

. Topshop - T Shirt, Jersey Skirt . 
. eBay - Jacket . 

. Looking Plain .

So I guess it is not always about standing out from the crowd and with this outfit i look pretty plain but liked the look. 'twas the mother's birthday so we all went out for a meal, not particularly interesting and nothing very funny to say. 

I FINALLY have hunted down a Vintage Levi Denim Jacket within a price range i found acceptable. After hunting charity shops across the country and having no luck, contemplating buying one from a Vintage stall or shop for £40, and scouring eBay, i came across this bad boy for £8.50 on good old eBay! BARGIN! well chuffed!
I get the feeling i will be wearing it every day from now until my death... I am in love!

This cute little cotton T was in the sale at Topshop for £10, I really love the button down front and little pockets, looks a bit vintage i thought. I am defo turning into an old lady when i picked it up and the soft texture stood out making me think "ohh i bet that will feel good" Comfort is always key...
Double denim...Try double cotton, the way i have unintentionally match this T with a grey Jersey Skirt.


  1. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! :)
    i love this outfit, and i can't believe you got your jacket for £8.50! you bargainista you ;) xx

  2. totally agree with you on the comfort front!
    i love the jacket too.
    i like your blog, i've just started following.
    please come over and say hello! you seem like such a nice, genuine person an i'd love to speak some more. hope to hear from you soon,
    laura x

  3. £8.50 for that amazing jacket...thats such a great find, lovely outfit
    Love your blog :) xx