Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tie Dye The Night Away.

So I decided to Tie Dye 20 T-Shirts...In Winter...Outside...Wearing Shorts and T-Shirt...
Not one of my wises moves...very long day (well days) but thankfully it payed off! 

Here is the process it took, starting in the morning through to night by the time i had finished. I can genuinely say that i could not actually feel my feet when i came in the house after...
All i can say is, i know how Jack and Rose were feeling...

So i did a variety of colours and patterns, ranging from deep colours to pastel; tie dye to dip dye!

Pictures of the finish products to come! 

Notice my shoes were white at the start...


  1. Ahh i need to try dip dying, cant wait to see what the tops turn out like, got to say those vans look pretty cool dip dyed too haha xx


  2. love it!!