Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy Christmas-New Year! Noteworthy Moments!

.  Christmas Eve Carol Service .

. Christmas Jumper that my Dad got for Crimbo before I was born, Just recycled .
. Getting festive and what not .

. People know exactly what to get me :') . 
. Festive Nails - Barry M (Rasperry), Models Own Hedkandi Collection Green . 

. Christmas Day Dress - Topshop . 

. Vizor Family Photo 2012 . 

. Boxing Day Walk - An attempt to make up for yesterdays food content . 

 . Instagraming . 

. Durham By Night . 

. Harry Potter Marathon With the Cuz in my new Jack Wills P.J's Yay! . 

. New Year's Eve Party . 
. Chinese Lanterns and Sparklers . 

. Shot for 2013? . 
. First Picture of the Year . 

To conclude, in 2012 i can truly say that i have had my greatest achievements and highs in my life but equally had the lowest. Heres to 2013, I hope it is as eventful as last year...for the positives! So many things to look forwards to including my first niece! Actually starting Uni! And hopefully meeting my goal weight! 

So, indeed Christmas and New Year has been and gone...sad times.
The only time of the year when it is socially acceptable to eat around the clock throughout the day and night and never feel any remote hunger for more that 30 minutes; have a constant flow of meal courses for hours and hours...not going to lie, Crimbo day...started eating at 1PM and were still having courses at 5PM only with a brief break for our Queeny's Speech and to recover while the copious amounts of food circulated our bodies...ahh Christmas...Best. Day. Ever!

I know, I know, I have been a shameful blogger over the Festive season and i do not ever have a justifiable reason for it aside from the fact i was eating, socialising and slobbing about watching Christmas TV! (Best TV all year!) Outfit posts are yet to come but thought I would post some snaps of my hold if anyone cares ;) 

Ohh Christmas how I love you! Hurry Up next year!! Only 349 days!

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  1. Love the dress you wore on Christmas Day!
    Fab snaps,

    Rosie x

  2. Lovely Pictures & Cute Outfits.

    I would appreciate it if you take some time out & visit my blog :)
    Claudia xx

  3. I love the fur coat in the top picture :)! Thanks for the follow by the way it means a lot xo