Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Late Christmas Post

. Dress - Topshop . 

Tad late i know, i know but this is my 'Christmas Dress'... you know, the dress you buy just for Christmas Day and do not wear it beforehand to keep it extra special...yes, well i did not in fact keep to this yearly tradition i have always done as i wore it on a night out in Durham the weekend before. I know, very disappointing...it did ruin it a tad but thankfully there was no mysterious marks or stains on it that you always seem to come across the next time you go to wear it...

Anywayyyy, This dress is perfect for anybody that is a tad self conscious about certain parts of their body. It is a comfortable material that is not thick but not thin, has a little stretch that makes it extra comfortable but not to much to show every roll or fold on a curvy body! I always struggle to find a dress to cover my arms and when i saw this one i just had to buy it! So many dresses are sleeveless and therefore i have to match it with a jacket of some sort ranging from a trusty blazer to a thin or chunky cardigan. This dress goes in a the waist to highlight the thinest part of the body but thankfully is a gathered skirt therefore for anybody who has a little podge, it goes unnoticed...well as much as it can ;) And not forgetting room to breathe after a big meal...perfect for Crimbo Dinner!

Quote of the day - 
"What did you get for Christmas? Fat. I got Fat" 


  1. The red lip stick looks really great on you! <3


  2. thatdress is amazing!!! Love the fit and pattern xx

  3. really lovely dress and your hair and you are gorgeous <3


  4. Gorgeous girl , love your hair xx

  5. Oh I wanted this dress!
    Looks super on you,

    Rosie x

  6. You look gorgeous, love the dress!