Saturday, 26 January 2013

Spotless Leopard

 . High Waisted Trousers + Top - Topshop .

 . Primark Sale - £5 . 
. Nail Polish - Models Own Northern Lights + Purple Grey .

Casual but Smart outfit...some may call it Smart Casual...evidently im not one of those people.

I ma not somebody to splash out on plain T-shirts from Topshop due  to the expense of them but in this case i exchanged it for a Christmas present i got :3 i know...shame on me!
Anyway im so glad that i got it now! it is the softest top i have ever bought, i swear! I love it and it is a basic grey top that can be worn with almost everything for any kind of occasion.

On this occasion i paired it with some high waisted jeans i got from Topshop also. I bought them recently as i had a sudden craving for a good pair of jeans, high waisted to be precise.
Not greatly on trend right now based on the fact that they were the only pair in all of the store and they just happened to be my size and i got they with 25% off because there was a mark on them! Dont you love it when that happens!

My shoes i got from Primark in the sale! Why Primark have a sale is beyond me; They might aswel just give the clothes away! Im not complaining anyway! I got them for £5. I usually hate leopard print as it can often look cheap and tacky but in this case i though 'What the hay' and got them! They look good with this plain outfit as they add a little something without it being too much! 

I cannot explain how much i love this Models Own nail varnish! I works like a dream! Does not take a lot of layers to look good and can go on top of a dark layer to make a deeper glitter or just on the nail itself to look good! (Personally that is how i like it) For best results put a clear coat on top as it can crackle off although it feels really good on its own...rough but smooth... :')It looks just like the glitter that you can put on your nails but without the fuss and effort.


  1. I love your nails, they look so pretty! x

    Isabel Rose,

  2. Your nails look lovely :) Nice top too x

  3. topshop jeans are definitely the best x cute nails too xx

  4. I absolutley love this top! I want :) xxx