Thursday, 28 February 2013

Not Just For Christmas

Jumper - Vintage . High Waisted Jeans - Topshop . 

Im not going to lie i have been meaning to post about this jumper since Christmas but the weather has been so poo recently i am still living in winter therefore it is an acceptable post in my eyes...maybe only my eyes...

I could lie and tell you all that this is my most recent pertache from Rokit or some other Vintage shop that i often go in and spend my life saving on but i cannot...
So this jumper is not one that you can go out and buy im afraid; this was my dads 'Christmas Jumper' before i was born, and after i was born, and when i was a child, teenager and so on until i nabbed it and ran away to London with it! Muhahaha.
It is pretty worn but i bloody love it! 
I just wanted to show the world my love for this jumper, that is all...It may be a tad Christmassy but it is so comfy and perfect in this cold weather! 
I have paired it up with my new navy high waisted jeans from Topshop!

So i am currently in the process for spending my summer working at Camp America! I think i may have left it a little late but i pray that i am not and that i can still go! It is all a waiting game now! :S I will inform you of progress over time! 


  1. i love this jumper, it looks so snuggly!xo