Monday, 18 February 2013

Ruby Who?

 . Shirt - eBay . Skirt - Topshop . Jumper - Jack Wills . 
 . Faux Fur Coat - Vintage . 

. Lipstick - Mac - Ruby Woo (Matte Collection) . 

So this lipstick is from MAC and is part of the Matte Collection. It means that it does not have a shine on which is a alternative to other lipstick which have a shine, this is due to the dryness of it but this helps it stay on super well! It is a flattering blue based red that not only looks good on almost everyone, but it also makes teeth look brighter which is always a good thing! I am quite pale so worried it would be too much but i absolutely love it and it is always at the top of my make up bag! I would recommend that you prep your lips before hand as it is not good with dry lips! When applying the lipstick for best results use a pencil lipliner to draw the outline first, this make a very crisp and clear outline and the can be filled in with much more ease when adding the Ruby Woo! It is great for keeping on a long time and never smudges although in my opinion is not great on a long night out as it is rather dry and does not feel great after a few hours on the old razzle dazzle!

My top is eBay's finest which i got brand new from hong hong for approximately £8, cant be too sure on the price...what am i like. The jumper, Jack Wills...splashed out before christmas. Mustard is one of my fave colours and when i saw this i had to have it...even though it was from the mens section and way out of my price range...dont judge me, i had a discount code!
You will be getting sick of me wearing this skirt but i cannot give them enough praise! The Topshop Skater Skirts are my life and now living with my cousin we have 5 between us in all different colours all in the same size! dont you love having someone to share clothes with! We literally live in each others wardrobes! 
ya da ya da yada...Faux Fur Coat from before...Vintage and MINE! After getting it handed down from my Great Auntie Anna!

Last day of London Fashion Week today and i am ashamed to say i did not attend or do anything of the sort! Shame on me living in London on a gap year and not attending...i apologise... :')

P.S i am sorry for the appalling state of my hair and face in the pictures...i have no excuse...

Happy Half Term for Anybody who get it!


  1. Thanks for leaving such enthusiastic & kind words on my blog hehe! :) Matte lipstick sounds so fab to me, I can't really deal with anything on my lips even if it's just lip balm, I feel so pouty if they have the slightest shine so might be able to ease myself in with this - not sure I have the budget for Mac though! Love the colour of your jumper :) I too am a fan of the Topshop skater skirt, only have the one in dark grey but I do love it :) xx

    1. PS: I'm a fashion student on a placement year in London and didn't see one bit of Fashion Week, oops!