Monday, 11 February 2013

Vintage Rose

 So i have been on the look out for a silk shirt for a while now and a vintage one to be picky. I love visiting Camden...not for the famous market but Rokit! My fave vintage shop! Its not bad price wise and is not one of them 'Vintage' shops which has loads of old clothes, but not good old, used old where you have to rake through a hundred things to find one star everything in Rokit is good...i know sweeping statement but i do love it!

 Anyway i got this shirt in the Sale things can go out of fashion in a Vintage store is beyond me...It is an ivory silk with blue roses on and green colours. As soon as i saw it i was in love! right up my street and after doing the whole "do i need it?" + "can i afford it?" + "what will i wear it with?" i finally gave in after leaving the shop and returning at the end of the day on the way back to the tube hehe.
It was originally £30 but was reduced to £15 therefore i didn't feel so bad about it...
Anyway i have not taken it off since!

Sorry for not posting in a runs away with you sometimes, thats why its called the human race

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  1. Such a pretty shirt! Wish I was going to London soon so I could visit that store, it sounds amazing :) x