Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lazy Biker

. Nail Polish - Barry M - Raspberry . Models Own - Hed Kandi .
.  T Shirt - Harley Davison . Skater Skirt - Topshop .
. Denim Jacket - eBay £8 . 

Vintage clothing is perfect when you just want to fling anything on and rush out quickly. Im all about feeling comfortable but feeling like i look nice also. As much as i would love to just role out of bed and rock up to places in sweatpants and an oversized hoody i just can't. Therefore i create the illusion that i have made the effort when in actual fact, most likely sacrificed spending half an hour on getting ready for some extra sleep! Its funny, i used to rock out of bed at 5 minutes to 9 and go to Sixth Form without even brushing my hair...this resulted in me getting the award for 'Best Dressed' at the end of the year...who knows how! But yay me! :3

So this is basically a vintage T...well i call it vintage, I stole it out of my dad's wardrobe; he got it when we travelled around America in 2005. It is from a Harley Davison Bike shop i think but since then i have seen them while walking around Camden Town and other vintage markets, going for around £18-£25. 
Trusty skater skirt from Topshop that i have worn to death...sorry but i love it! Determined to own it in every colour possible haha.
And of corse lets not forget the good old Levi's Denim Jacket, £8 from eBay! Still smug about this perchance not going to lie! 

So i have recently started a 'Start your own business corse" in which i will learn valuable info and help all about making my Business bigger and better, hopefully with a loan so that i can increase my products to bigger and better things! I know... exciting right!?!


  1. I love your hair like this, it really suits you xo


  2. Wow your hair is to die for!
    Lovely post :-)

    mollyrosecleaver.blogspot.com x

  3. Love this look - is so cool and relaxed!

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